Areas of Counselling I Deal With

Online Counselling

I am providing an online service* specifically for people who find it difficult to leave the comfort of their own home. I am aware that someone suffering with agoraphobia for instance would find this a beneficial outlet. People who find it difficult to get about due to physical disability, wheelchair access, etc. may also find online counselling a great asset.

I am also aware that cross-dressers and transvestites who want to "dress" for their counselling sessions may feel more comfortable from the safety of their own homes or private spaces and therefore Skype could be invaluable.

My online counselling service is also a perfect route for anyone living abroad (expats) who would like therapy but find it difficult to find an English speaking counsellor in their country of residence.

Please contact me for further details about this service.


Individual Counselling Session - £50 for 1 hour face-to-face or online*

Student Counselling Session - £40 for 1 hour face-to-face or online*

*Online counselling is not suitable for crisis counselling or for people with severe mental health issues.